Accelerate and improve your data-based health-related R&D

  • AI for data-driven and evidence-based medicine
  • Reduced time to market and improved quality of predictive digital health solutions
  • Rapid innovation in medical AI for superior valuation


MedAI Technology

Our technology automatically generates predictive software from the current biomedical knowledge, and enables rapid deployment via an API.

MedAI technology

MedAI TM reduces bias and improves quality of predictions in digital and precision health by knowledge-based transfer learning.

Information retrieval from biomedical scientific articles, clinical trials, systematic reviews
New ways of training explainable AI using the latest worldwide biomedical knowledge
Domain knowledge and informative priors for interpretable transfer learning
Rapid integration with mobile or web apps, digital environments, software services via an API



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Pre-trained models based on the latest evidence

Synthesis of predictive models from biomedical scientific articles and trials. Clinical expertise. Explainable predictions.


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AI development services using real-world data

Streamlined development of AI/ML-powered products and services in digital and precision health. Big and small data, biomarkers, sensors, images, PROMs.


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Predictions and risk scores accessible via an API

AI backend development. API access. Integration with software products and apps.

About Pharmatics

We are experts in data- and evidence-based health AI

With real expertise, real AI, real passion for quality.

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We are experts in evidence-based medical AI, learning from data, and software integration. Our MedAITM service combines learning from data with up-to-date medical evidence automatically synthesized from scientific biomedical articles (including primary research, clinical trials, systematic reviews). It reduces time to market and improves trustworthiness of developments in digital and precision health, leading to an 18-month reduction in the development time and a 20% improvement in predictive performance over auto-ML methods in external evaluations.


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