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Artificial intelligence and machine learning for health, and beyond!
  • Predictive analytics
  • Machine learning for personalized and precision medicine
  • Biomarker panels, surrogate end-points, drug targets
  • Intelligent telehealth
  • Smart algorithms and devices

Predictive Analytics

  • Data enrichment
  • Knowledge integration
  • Representation learning
  • Multiple data sources
  • Privacy-preserving learning
  • Hundreds of powerful methods

Consulting in Data Analytics

  • From data to insights
  • From data to actionable interventions
  • Scientific audit and validation
  • Stress testing and transfer learning
  • Data science services and co-development

Precision Medicine

  • Risk, progression, treatment response
  • Patient stratification, disease subtyping
  • Multiple -omics, clinical, activity data
  • Causality, pleiotropy, risk scores
  • Enrichment with proprietary data, annotations, models
  • Experts in chronic diseases

Data Cleaning

  • Enrichment, harmonization, integration
  • Systematically or randomly missing data
  • Anomaly detection and correction
  • Complex heterogeneous measurements
  • Multiple -omics, activity, web


  • Smart algorithms for telemonitoring and telehealth
  • Personalized predictions and recommendations
  • Personalized care plans
  • Preventive care
  • Intelligent self-management

Health analytics

  • Smart, actionable insights
  • Planning and prediction of demand
  • Understanding quality and cost structure
  • What-if modelling and stress-testing